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    Since 1993, and the naissance of Fret-King® in California, we have been listening to guitarists of all stripes, from the internationally renowned and famous, to the ‘journeymen’ players, to the local heroes, as well as to the design 

    community, the press, our peers and our competitors, incorporating real-world experience and needs into innovative, elegant, player focussed designs which fall instantly to hand, and are endowed with eminently useable features, superb playability, expanded tonal palettes with a signature edge, bringing a fresh twist to the electric guitar and bass world, through a philosophy and identity which is uniquely Fret-King®.

    There are long established benchmarks; build materials, pickups, components and electronics, image, style, familiarity, feel, playability, tone, and performance, which all ‘bracket’ the parameters of the possible. For us, creating our unique Fret-King® instruments is akin to creating great cuisine from great ingredients with our unique recipes, skill, and knowledge. 

    Probably, there is no ‘ideal guitar’, but since Trev Wilkinson created the very first Fret-King® guitars, after what was already half a lifetime of playing, tinkering, repairing, designing, prototyping and building guitars, thoughtful innovative guitar hardware and spectacularly authentic pickups, “doing it for the guitar player” as Trev would put it, the Fret-King® ethic was then and has always remained “radical/sensible/useable”, with the purpose of designing versatile working tools, with recognisable classic attributes, premium materials and components, familiar and comfortable feel, outstanding playability and eminently useable features which provide the kind of exceptionally broad tonal palette that enables every Fret-King® model to carry off a huge range of tones and musical styles.

    That philosophy and tradition endures today, and we retain a refreshingly progressive view of how to incorporate real high-end custom shop features, the benefits they bring, and the advantages players get from them, with instruments
    designed from the ground up to be professional working tools.

    Just as we are at here at Fret-King®, guitar players by their very nature are emblematic of self-expression and independence. It’s often said that the heart, soul, and art of a player shines through the instruments they play. Fret-King® guitars are a transparent lens, supporting all that freedom and energy, channelling it, and providing a solid platform to enable players to achieve the outer edges of their personal creative endeavours.

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    35 products