VAT/Duty Information For All International Orders

Summary of the Main Changes to Order in the EU

VAT Now Paid at Point of Arrival

The most significant change is that, as of 01 January 2021, rather than pay any tax at the point of purchase, VAT will be paid at the point of arrival of goods into your country. The rate of VAT will be that of your country. Click here for link to EU Country Tax Rates.

VAT will be calculated at the appropriate rate on the total net value or goods + duty where applicable.

Customs Duty also Applicable if Country of Origin not EU or UK

As well as local VAT, you may also have to pay any duty that is due if the goods were not made in the EU or UK.  (items originating in EU or UK are nil duty).

We cannot be specific on these as they are set by the European Commission, but to give you an idea here are a couple examples:

Electric Guitar 3.7%         Acoustic Guitar 3.2%  

When your goods are despatched and arrive in your country you will be contacted by our chosen courier (Fedex) and it is at this point that you will pay the local VAT & Duty due on your purchase. 

We require your phone number and email address so customs can contact you.

How will this affect my order?

New Online Orders

The price you initially see will when browsing or adding items to your basket will still be in GBP and include UK VAT (20%)

However, when you have entered your address details you will see the cart recognises this and will automatically change the price you pay to the ex VAT price.  From here you can proceed as normal to payment.

NON-EU/Worldwide Orders

Orders being sent outside of the EU will remain unchanged. The same rules regarding VAT and Duty apply to orders being shipped worldwide as to orders shipped within the EU after the UK has left the European Union. VAT and Duty are paid at the point of entry into the country.