Boomwhackers Classroom Pack - 54 pieces

Boomwhackers Classroom Pack - 54 pieces

Boomwhackers Classroom Pack - 54 pieces

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Complete with a handy tote bag, the self-contained Boomwhackers 54-piece Classroom Pack, like all Boomwhacker percussion tubes, are colour pitch-coded and, includes four of the popular 8-Note Diatonic tubes, two 5-Note Chromatic tubes and two 6-Note Pentatonic tubes.  

For extra low-end frequencies, this excellent package also features two sets of 8 Octavator Tube Caps that affix to any tube end, thus lowering the pitch by one whole octave, therefore adding a whole new dimension to the sonic spectrum and musical possibilities. 

The pack also contain a multi-pack of reusable Chroma-Note colour coded Stick-Ons, which can be adhered to Boomwhacker tubes to make learning consistent, colourful and fun. 

Played by beating against each other, on legs, arms or hands for a warm mellow tone or, against harder surfaces for a hard-edged attack, Boomwhackers are found in most music classrooms and music therapy programs around the world, they are the easiest and most enjoyable way for all ages to learn and create music without having any previous musical reading skills. 

Boomwhackers are also environmentally conscious… hence, whilst strong lightweight and totally portable, all Boomwhacker percussion tubes are made from a new HDPE polymer material not only to ensure excellent sound quality and long-lasting durability, but can also be responsibly recycled up to 10 times. 

(4) 8-Note C Major Diatonic Sets (BWDG)
(2) 5-Note Chromatics Set (BWCG)
(2) 6-Note C Major Pentatonic Scale Set (BWPG)
(2) Set of 8 Octavator™ Tube Caps (OC8G)
(1) Set of Chroma-Notes® Stick-Ons (CNS1)
(1) Boomwhackers® Tote Bag (BWTB)
Set contents all fit in tote bag, some smaller tubes must stack on top of each other
Boomwhackers® play reliably in all weather conditions and are stable to -180°F

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